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Why old ERP wine can’t be bottled in SaaS

[tweetmeme source=”sureshsambandam” only_single=false] There is a fundamental shift that is happening to ‘enterprise apps’ in the SaaS world when compared to the On-premise ERP world. I tried to google for ERP vs SaaS and found articles like these: SaaS vs … Continue reading

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OrangeScape PaaS – Introduction Video (via The Official OrangeScape Blog)

… Read More via The Official OrangeScape Blog

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A Case for ‘Virtual Private Cloud’

[tweetmeme source=”sureshsambandam” only_single=false] Coincidently, immediately after my post on ‘What the hell is Private Cloud?’, I happen to talk to one of my best friend, ex-CEO of a startup, now CDO (Chief Delivery Officer), in an IT Services firm @ … Continue reading

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Zinnov Report – Cloud The Way Forward in India – 4th IT Wave

[tweetmeme source=”sureshsambandam” only_single=false] Here are my comments: 1. First, this is a fantastic effort from Zinnov for bringing an India perspective for ‘Cloud’. Full Credits to Pari Natarajan, Chandramouli, Anand Tatambhotla and the team behind this effort. 2. Second, we weren’t … Continue reading

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What the hell is Private Cloud?

[tweetmeme source=”sureshsambandam” only_single=false] I was on a LinkedIn thread titled ‘How cloud computing is different from SaaS‘ where Rick Chapman who runs SoftLetter and SaaS University went on beating on this question ‘What is a private cloud’? It is definitely … Continue reading

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Why most visual development / 4GL tools fail? – Part 1

[tweetmeme source=”sureshsambandam” only_single=false]Part 1 : Top down vs Bottom Up There are quite a few visual development tools that have failed in the past. When I say past, I meant the pre-cloud era. The commercially successful ones are Visual Basic, … Continue reading

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Unifying the enterprise application puzzle pieces

[tweetmeme source=”sureshsambandam” only_single=false]15-20 years ago, enterprise application development, as we know today, wasn’t all that clear. All I can deduce, in a retrospective analysis – digging the internet, is that people knew the different puzzle pieces which are needed, in … Continue reading

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