Bombay Stock Exchange Launching Separate Exchange for SMEs

The prestigious Bombay Stock exchange is launching a special exchange for Small and Medium Business to raise capital. The idea of this exchange is the enable capital access from public market leading to a number of benefits that include visibility, liquidity and more.

Lakshman Gugulothu is the CEO of this new SME Exchange and become a good friend. We were on a panel together at 2011 and we hosted him at the Fridays 2.0 at Nasscom Emerge Forum to meet up with 40+ SME IT CEOs. Lakshman is very bullish about the SME exchange and it is all set to launch – waiting for the final go ahead.

If you want to connect with Lakshman please write to me. He is very approachable and wanting to help genuine companies that need capital.

Please find attached the brochure of BSE – SME Exchange.
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2 Responses to Bombay Stock Exchange Launching Separate Exchange for SMEs

  1. Pranav,

    There is lot of material available on BSE SME exchange on the internet. There is the video of the panel discussion and similar one with Sudhir Sayal Interview on ET Now. If you are planing to raise capital using BSE SME exchange then please write to me at sureshsambandam {at} gmail dot com with some information that will help me understand the context for the introduction.


  2. Pranav Tej says:

    Hello Suresh, I am interested to know more on this, please connect me Mr.Lakahman.

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