12 Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Guy Kawasaki

Here are the key points for you in less than 5 mins if you don’t have 45 mins to watch the full video at the end of this post.

01. “Experts” are clueless.
Especially in the current socially connected word, you are much closer reality than listening to self proclaimed “experts” i.e. analysts, journalists, etc. As an entrepreneur figure things for yourself don’t rely on experts. Experts listened to Steve and not the other way around.

02. Customers can’t tell what they need
Customer can tell you incremental improvements. They are probably good at evolving something that is already shipped. Customers aren’t helpful when are creating something completely new.

03. Give your employees “big” challenges

04. Design Counts
At the time, when people were about “price points”, design fetches premium. Design is “the” product.

05. In presentations use – Big Graphics. Big Font.

06. Great Entrepreneurs “Jump Curves” .
It is not about 10% better, it is about 10x better

07. What truly matters is “It Works” or “It Doesn’t Work” for your “Customers”.
Don’t get stuck with things like “Open” or “Closed”

08. “Value” is different from “Price”
Create Products that are “Unique” & “Valuable” – You can then put your price on it. If “value” is so great, “price” becomes less relevant.

09. “A” Players hire “A”. “B” Players hire “C” players.
Actually the better would be for “A” players to hire “A+” players.
Engineers have the “hardest” time with this concept – because engineers think “engineering” is hard everything else is “easy”.

10. Real CEOs demo
Can’t demo your own product – quit. Something is wrong with You.
Nobody does demos better than Steve.

11. Real Entrepreneurs “ship” not “slip”

12. Somethings need to be “believed” to be “seen”

Q & A – Key Points
13. A+ players don’t want to be micro managed. If is almost certain, if you are micromanaging someone then they are *not* “A+” players

14. If “A” Players hire “A+” players. Then who hires “B” players.
I don’t know. (thinks for a while and says). I know who hires “B” players – “Board of Directors” which is code word for VCs. Laugh…..

15. When you are dealing with VCs, generally there is only *one* response that is a “Yes”. That one response is “Let’s start due diligence”. Everything else is a “No”.

16 . Tip on pitching.  VCs decide like in dating – whether your company is “HOT” or “NOT”. Not like eHarmony dating. Hot or Not happens in the first 30secs. So, get to “What the HELL you do” in that 30 secs.

17. Focus Groups will tell you “Better, Faster, Cheaper – Status Quo” !

18. Focus Group in Apple is Steve Jobs left brain and right brain connected.

19, When starting up, entrepreneurs / founders should answer this question: “Wouldn’t it be cool IF, ……”

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