Repost : On Chennai Summer

My long time friend Rajesh Manickadas wrote this on Facebook and I really loved it because I don’t know of anyone who wrote about Chennai Summer this way. I am re-posting it here so that it doesn’t get lost after Facebook removes it from the timeline

Started enjoying the chennai summer which is now in full swing. Summer is chennai is one of the best weather I have experienced across globe. Its a long and enjoyable one unlike the short one which people eager elsewhere. I hate the sluggish winters and any weird life in snow or deserts and beyond, incomprehensible for human living and morbid. People who live in such places have to understand they are at the mercy of scientific inventions. I guess most who have grown in chennai will share this feeling. This is the best weather in the world where we don’t have to pollute nature with any of these scientific mercy like fan, ac, fridge, concrete, bulbs, tv and what not. You can live the entire summer out of the house in the courtyard with a cot, a pot of water and 4 meters of cloth around your waist and bounty of vegetables and tropical fruits like mangoes, water melons, musk melons, vellarikai, guva and many more added with nice cows milk and healthy goat meat and nattu chicken. The coconuts and neem will get the fresh air of the sea to you. The sun shines killing most of the disease causing germs and dries up the bad waters. Its only coolness that you experience in this summer provided by the chennai tropical flora and breeze. As I say this, my son and daughter are out of home for cricket and swimming, I believe they would say the same !

How much ever we earn we cannot give this healthy life back to our kids, as influenced by the american way of joy and living where asian and muslim economies are the worst affected but countries like france, germany, italy and russia are still enjoying what they had 50 years back which includes language, lifestyle, weather, quality of food and water and many more…

Wish you all a great summer festival today !

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